Full lips are widely desired & recognized as a symbol of beauty & youth.

As we all age, the natural connective tissues in our lips break down, leading to sagging at the corners of the lips and loss of the Cupid’s bow (the V-shape of the upper lip) over time.

To help combat this, Lip augmentation with fillers has become a popular treatment to restore your youthful lip appearance, or to give a small touch up as needed to match your desired look.

Dr. Wagner recommends Hyaluronic Acid as an effective and non permanent filler to meet these needs

This is both well tolerated and is an already naturally occurring compound in the body.

All treatments are administered by our In-house medically trained Specialist under Dr. Wagner’s expert supervision.
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Closeup of beautiful woman receiving hyaluronic acid treatment.
1How long does a lip filler treatment last?
Typically you will have to refresh your lips after 6 months.
2How long does a treatment with hyaluronic acid take?
A treatment takes only a few minutes and you will immediately see a change.
3Is a hyaluronic acid treatment painful?
Sensitive patients might experience mild discomfort. If you wish, we can apply an anaesthetic cream prior to treatment. Please ask for it before treatment begins.
4Is It Safe?
Any filler party we organize will have measures in place to ensure safe and effective individualised treatment and all treatments will be conducted at our medical practice. As long as a trained clinician is performing the treatments, there is no need to worry about having fillers administered.
5So, what are fillers?
Hyaluronic Acid is also known as hyaluronan. It is a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin & connective tissue. Free radicals caused by natural aging and UV exposure can break down the skins natural hyaluronan. This results in reduced elasticity, wrinkles and the classic signs of ageing. The fillers we use are hyaluronic-acid based fillers (Teoxane) that help to minimize lines, add volume, plumpness and, even provide lift. While filler injections are safe when given by an experienced therapist, side effects can occur — mainly mild bruising at the injection site.
6What if I have a fear of injections?
A Numbing Cream is used at the injection site, so our patients feel extremely comfortable while receiving their injections. We are also very skilled at providing gentle injections.
7How should I prepare?
Drinking any alcohol before getting filler injections can increase your tendency to bruise afterward, so I encourage all patients to wait until after their injections to enjoy a glass of wine.
8Are there any medical conditions that exclude me from getting fillers?
You should not have fillers if you have any of the following conditions; Active lip herpes Diabetes Mellitus Lupus Disease.
9Are there any possible side effects of a hyaluronic acid treatment?
Normally a hyaluronic acid treatment is uncomplicated. Small bruises, swelling or hardening can very occasionally occur. These symptoms disappear on their own within a few hours
10Finally, You are in safe hands.
We will go over your medical history and medication use, as well as explain expected results to help you determine if fillers are right for you. We will also make sure you have our contact information so you can follow up directly if you have any questions. Your care is extremely important to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be on hand to help.